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SCI, SCI-EXP., SSCI, AHCI Tarafından Taranan Makaleler

  • Ceren Tayran, Mehmet Çakmak and Gyaneshwar P. Srivastava (2020). Atomic and electronic structures of Sn covered W(110) surface. The European Physical Journal B (EPJ B), 93(15).
  • Ceren Tayran and Mehmet Çakmak (2019). Electronic structure, phonon and superconductivity for WP 5d-transition metal. Journal of Applied Physics, 126(175103).
  • Ceren Tayran (2019). Electronic structure of Lanthanum induced pi-bonded Seiwatz chains on the Si(111)-(2x3) surface. Surface Science, 679(214).
  • Ceren Tayran, Mehmet Çakmak (2019). Electronic structure of the Pd2Sn surface alloy on Pd(111)-(root 3×root 3)R30°. European Physical Journal B, 92(240).
  • Ceren Tayran, Bora Alkan, Mehmet Çakmak (2019). Tl on the Si(111)-(root7xroot3) surface: Density Functional Theory. Philosophical Magazine , 99(1656).
  • Ceren Tayran, Mehmet Çakmak (2018). Co on the H-passivated Si(001) surface: Density-functional calculations. Physica B: Condensed Matter , 542(44).
  • Ceren Tayran, Sezgin Aydın, Mehmet Çakmak, Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu (2016). Alkali and Alkaline earth metal doped aluminum tetraborides containing intrinsic planar boron sheet: XAlB4 (X= Li, Mg, Ca, and Na). Computational Materials Science, 124(130).
  • Ceren Tayran, Sezgin Aydın, Mehmet Çakmak, Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu (2016). Structural and electronic properties of AB-and AA-stacking bilayer-graphene intercalated by Li, Na, Ca, B, Al, Si, Ge, Ag, and Au atoms. Solid State Communications, 231(57).
  • Ceren Tayran, Zhen Zhu, Matteo Baldoni, Daniele Selli, Gotthard Seifert, David Tománek (2013). Optimizing Electronic Structure and Quantum Transport at the Graphene-Si(111) Interface: An Ab Initio Density-Functional Study. Physical Review Letters, 110(176805).
  • Ceren Tayran, Mehmet Çakmak, Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu (2011). Electronic and structural properties of armchair SWCNT/TiO2 (110)-(1×2) system . Surface Science, 605(593).

Diğer İndeksler Tarafından Taranan Makaleler

  • Ceren Tayran, Sezgin Aydın (2017). The structural, mechanical, and electronic properties of LiAlB4 under pressure from first principles. physica status solidi c, 14(1700080).

Ulusal Hakemli Ve Dğr Bil., Sanatsal Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

  • Ceren Tayran (2018). Theoretical study of B segregation in Mo (110). Bor dergisi, 3(174).