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Bilimsel Toplantı - Kongre ve Görevler


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  • Benâ Gül Peker, 2005. It’s What’s Inside the Bag that Counts: Emotional Treats, Partnership for Prosperous Performance VI: Teaching & Learning English in a Brain-Compatible Way, Florya Koleji, İstanbul.
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Konferans, Sempozyum, Kongre, Panel vb. Görev

  • İletişimde Uyum Kurma Sanatı. Gazi Üniversitesi, Ankara(2013)
  • Materyel Değerlendirmede Prensipler ve Kriterler. Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Ankara(2013)


  • The Use of Drama Techniques in teaching English as a Foreign Language. (2013) Kayseri Özel Erciyes Eğitim Kurumları
  • INGED Event: Miming, Dialogging and Roleplaying. (2013) Ankara
  • Motivating Language Learners Through Drama. (2013) Zirve Üniversitesi, Gaziantep

Dersler ve Tez Yönetme

Tez Yönetme

  • A Case Study : Sources of English Language Reading Anxiety and Emotional Coping Strategies of 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Primary School Learners (2010)
  • An Alternative Assessment of Multiple Intelligences Activities for Young Learners of English as a Foreign Language Through Portfolios (2010)
  • Teacher Identity: An Investigation of Personal and Professional Experiences of Turkish EFL Teachers (2010)
  • An NLP-Based Teacher Development Program for Enhancing EFL Teachers’ Communication Skills (2010)
  • The Use of Creative Drama in Developing the Speaking Skills of Young Learners (2007)
  • Developing Preparatory School Students’ Creative Problem Solving Skills in Post-Reading Using the Symptoms, Causes, Outcomes, Resources, Effects (SCORE) Model (2007)
  • Social and Emotional Learning in EFL Speaking Classes (2006)
  • Creative Problem Solving in Writing Classes (2006)
  • Teachers’ Classroom Language and Its Effects on Students In Terms of Change (2005)
  • Using Drama and Multiple Intelligences in Teaching Young Learners (2003)
  • Drama as a Compulsory Course in Education Faculties (2003)
  • EFL Teacher Sentiments In Turkey: Work Conditions, Sources of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction and Reasons for Change (1998)
  • The Relationship between Previous Education and Learning Strategy Use in Reading Comprehension of Freshman Students at METU (1998)
  • Investigating the Traits of Classical Humanism, Reconstructionism and Progressivism at Mustafa Kemal University (1998)
  • Exploring Affective Responses to Language Learning Through Diaries at the Bilkent University School of English Language (1998)
  • Assessing the Reading Comprehension Strategy Use of Freshman students at Hacettepe University (1998)
  • A Needs Assessment of English for Specific Purposes at Anadolu University (1998)
  • Analysis of Factors that Promote Critical Reading by EFL Students in a Turkish Educational Setting (1997)
  • The Role of Action Research in the Self-Development of an ELT teacher : A Descriptive Case-Study (1997)
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  • Observing Change in Teaching Behavior Through Reflection (1997)
  • A Contrasting Conversations Approach (CCA) to Classroom Observation for Enhancing Teacher Development (1997)
  • The Attitudes of EFL Teachers and Students Towards the Use of Plays and Play-based Activities in Three Turkish Universities (1996)
  • Investigating the Feasibility of School/University Collaboration for Teacher Development of Secondary School Teachers of English in Adana (1996)
  • A Profile of the Methodology Courses at the ELT Departments of the Education Faculties in Turkey (1996)
  • An Analysis of the Problems of Beginning Teachers To Develop an Induction Program for the Basic English Departments of Turkish Universities (1996)
  • A Survey of Pre-Service and In-service Teacher Training Programs of One-Year Preparatory English Classes at Turkish Universities (1996)
  • Developing the Mentoring Program at Eastern Mediterranean University English Preparatory School in Northern Cyprus (1996)
  • An Ethnographic Case Study of How a Self-Access Center Operates in Turkish Higher Education (1995)
  • An English Language Needs Assessment of the Students at Turkish Military Academy: A Preliminary Step Toward an ESP Curriculum (1995)
  • Guessing Words-in-Context Strategies used by Beginning and Upper-Intermediate level Students (1995)
  • How Receptive Are Learners to Role-Playing? (1995)


SCI, SCI-EXP., SSCI, AHCI Tarafından Taranan Makaleler

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