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STATICS 2018/2019 Fall Term (Refresh this page regularly)

Instructor: Dr. Bahadır Alyavuz 
Office hours: Mon & Wed, 13:30 - 17:00
Text book
Engineering Mechanics, Statics. 14th Edition in SI Units. R.C. Hibbeler, Prentice Hall.
Reference books
1. F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston, "Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics", Mc Graw Hill.
2. J.L.Meriam, L.G.Kraig, "Engineering Mechanics, Statics", Wiley.

Course works during semester (2 midterm exams) %60, Final exam %40.
Students have to attend at least 70% of total lecture time.
CE223 Description Form
Tentative Course Content
1 General Principles

1.1 Mechanics
1.2 Fundamental Concepts
1.3 Units of Measurement
1.4 The International System of Units
1.5 Numerical Calculations
1.6 General Procedure for Analysis

2 Force Vectors
2.1 Scalars and Vectors
2.2 Vector Operations
2.3 Vector Addition of Forces
2.4 Addition of a System of Coplanar Forces
2.5 Cartesian Vectors
2.6 Addition of Cartesian Vectors
2.7 Position Vectors
2.8 Force Vector Directed Along a Line
2.9 Dot Product 

3 Equilibrium of a Particle
3.1 Condition for the Equilibrium of a Particle
3.2 The Free-Body Diagram
3.3 Coplanar Force Systems 

3.4 Three-Dimensional Force Systems

4 Force System Resultants
4.2 Cross Product
4.3 Moment of a Force–Vector Formulation
4.4 Principle of Moments
4.5 Moment of a Force about a Specified Axis
4.6 Moment of a Couple
4.7 Simplification of a Force and Couple System
4.8 Further Simplification of a Force and Couple System
4.9 Reduction of a Simple Distributed Loading

5 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
5.1 Conditions for Rigid-Body Equilibrium
5.2 Free-Body Diagrams
5.3 Equations of Equilibrium
5.4 Two- and Three-Force Members
5.5 Equilibrium in Three Dimensions - Free Body Diagrams
5.6 Equilibrium in Three Dimensions - Equations of Equilibrium
5.7 Constraints and Statical Determinacy 

6 Structural Analysis
6.1 Simple Trusses
6.2 The Method of Joints
6.3 Zero-Force Members
6.4 The Method of Sections
6.5 Space Trusses
6.6 Frames

7 Internal Forces
7.1 Internal Loadings Developed in Structural Members
7.2 Shear and Moment Equations and Diagrams
7.3 Relations between Distributed Load, Shear, and Moment

9 Center of Gravity and Centroid
9.1 Center of Gravity, Center of Mass, and the Centroid of a Body 9.2 Composite Bodies
9.4 Resultant of a General Distributed Loading
9.5 Fluid Pressure 

10 Moments of Inertia
10.1 Definition of Moments of Inertia for Areas
10.2 Parallel-Axis Theorem for an Area
10.3 Radius of Gyration of an Area
10.4 Moments of Inertia for Composite Areas
10.5 Product of Inertia for an Area

8 Friction
8.1 Characteristics of Dry Friction
8.2 Problems Involving Dry Friction
8.5 Frictional Forces on Flat Belts
8.8 Rolling Resistance